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The Power of Mushrooms

The Power of Mushrooms

Unlock the Power of Mushrooms

For thousands of years, mushrooms have been prized for their health enhancing properties. Now you can experience the benefits of these ancient fungi in our Mushroom Trio.

First up is Lion's Mane, revered for its brain-boosting benefits. Lion's Mane contains nerve growth factors shown to enhance memory, focus and cognitive function. Add in Cordyceps, long used by athletes and warriors for its energy and endurance boosting abilities. And our proprietary 10 mushroom blend rounds out the collection with a diversity of mushrooms like reishi, chaga and maitake to provide whole body wellness support.

Our mushroom gummies make getting your daily dose easy and delicious. Feel the focus of Lion's Mane, get the spring in your step from Cordyceps and experience the balancing benefits of our diverse mushroom blend. Unlock the power of mushrooms with our Mushroom Tri



limitless. (4oz)


Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract


limitless. (16oz)


Organic Cordyceps